Nadine Mutas

Nadine Mutas

~ Wickedly Sensual Paranormal Romance ~

5 Stars
Zero at the Bone
Zero at the Bone - Jane Seville
I hesitated a bit before I read this, not knowing what to expect, but since it came recommended by a dear GR friend, I went in without too many preconceptions, and I was totally blown away.

What a beautiful, heart-warming, gripping, intriguing story of two very different persons falling in love in a fragile place during a dark time for both of them. The build-up to the romance was slow and paced, but it was all the more perfect for it. Once it got going, it started with a bang that threw me for a loop for a moment, but from then on it developed into something deeper and so tender that I sat there awwwing and gooing over this unlikely pair.

I absolutely loved D in all his grumpiness and closed-up, tight-lipped, dark and broody bad-ass attitude. His accent especially made him so likable and just plain adorable. His tough exterior and the darkness of his past that he wore like an armor as if to shield himself from emotions made the moments of tenderness he started being capable of all the more touching. The way he opened up to Jack bit by bit, always tentative, as if scared of scaring himself with it, it was just plain awesomazingness to read (thanks to Breann for letting me borrow that word ^^).

Jack was the perfect match for D. Caring, openly affectionate, patient and yet able to push D if he needed to be pushed. He relentlessly wore down D's defenses and embraced him with all his darkness, even if he struggled with the harsh reality of D's past. His inner monologue was at times hilarious, sometimes touching, but always relatable.

There were such moments of beauty and heart-breaking tenderness, and I was on the edge of my seat rooting for these two to work it all out and get their HEA. What I loved especially was how the story didn't quite end with the main part of the suspense storyline (as I would have guessed), but that we were given a glimpse into how a relationship born of dramatic, life-threatening circumstances is transferred into "real life" and the workings of everyday routine. Most books with this kind of premise end after the big showdown, when the danger of the initial situation has not quite abated yet, and we are left wondering whether the couple will make it in the future, when the thrill of the situation that has brought them together has ebbed and the normalcy of everyday life has taken over.

With these two, I can see how they make it. I loved each and every interaction between them and I am left with a firm belief in their HEA. And that just makes me happier than a bird with a french fry. :)
3 Stars
Bewitch (London Vampires #5) - Felicity Heaton
Another nice, enjoyable read from Ms. Heaton. The hero was drool-worthy and had an intriguing dark side to him, which he couldn't always control, but that just made him perfectly flawed. The heroine was brave enough to handle that, and nurturing enough not make him feel pitied. Sweet romance with lots of smexy time.
5 Stars
Lover Awakened
Lover Awakened - J.R. Ward
Whew, what a ride.

Honestly, I did not expect this series to grab me as much as it does, but already with Rhage's story I couldn't help falling for the brothers and the world they live in. I'm deeply invested and care about these characters. It all kind of snuck up on me until then suddenly it hit me like a freight train, and - as happened while I read the previous book - I found myself on the edge of my seat while reading. I cursed, I awwwwwwwwwwwwed, I smirked, my heart broke, my pulse went through the roof and I might have slipped from the chair a time or two, and I really, really lurve Zsadist to the moon and back.

I hurt so much for him and it was horrible to see him treat himself so badly and to have dissociated himself from parts of his body like he did, and I desperately wanted him to heal. Bella was an awesome match for him, gentle, patient, nurturing without pitying him, and standing up to him and calling him on his bullsh*t when he needed it. It was satisfying to see them both heal and win their HEA.

There were other characters and their storylines that grabbed me just as much the main plot of Z's and Bella's romance, namely John, Tohr and Wellsie, Rehvenge, Phury, and the Reverend, and towards the end I had more than one WTF moment. In the last few pages, especially, there was a twist that had me sitting there stunned and dumbstruck, and all I could think was "DAYUM." Made me want to read the whole book again just to see it all with fresh eyes.

So, yeah, all the ridiculous gangsta-speak of the brothers and the constant name dropping aside, this series is intriguing and awesome. Ms. Ward has a way of describing the lowest of the low of human nature in her characters, and then comes around and redeems the story with a heart-warming romance and a healing HEA.
4 Stars
Enslave (London Vampires #4) - Felicity Heaton
I really love this series. Ms. Heaton is one of my feel-good authors and she never fails to deliver stories with likable characters, heart-warming romance, panty-melting steamy scenes, and just that little something extra that makes me feel good when I read her books.

Andreu and Varya had lots of chemistry, and my only complaint is that I would have liked to read more of them!