Skybound - Wendy Beck
I thought The Forgotten crushed me (in the best of ways). Then I read Skybound, and I had to set a new bar for "books that rip out your heart, grind it to dust and then sprinkle you with the sparkles." Or, in one word: awesomazing.

The intensity of the action, the height of the stakes, the depth of emotions, it all ratcheted up and left me holding my breath. I swear, my husband was close to giving me artificial respiration, because I'm sure I forgot to breathe.

The situations Skyler and Bastian get into in this last installment, the problems they face, the solutions they struggle to achieve, and the way it all weaves together in the end are the culmination of a multi-layered story that is ingenious in its coherent construction from the first book to the last. Know that feeling toward the end of a story when all the pieces fall in the right place and you sit there ooohing and aaahing because everything you read before just makes that much more sense? Yeah, this was one of those stories where I got that.

As the end of a trilogy, this was book was simply epic.