Beyond Jealousy - Kit Rocha
3.5 stars

I'm a huge fan of Kit Rocha's Beyond series, and I was so looking forward to Ace, Rachel, and Cruz's story. Unfortunately, it fell a bit flat for me.

The sex was HAWT, the world-building intriguing as ever, and I loved the glimpses of the other O'Kanes. I adored Cruz and loved seeing him open up and be honest with himself and everyone else.

My problem was the emotional conflict the novel centered around, namely Ace's Angst. Yep, that's Angst with a capital A. It felt a bit fabricated and ... just kind of imploded on itself at some point. It felt like the issues that drove the conflict never really got addressed by all three of them, least of all solved. Plus, I just got tired of reading about Ace's pity party. Really.

Overall, I still thoroughly enjoyed this installment in the series, and I'm eagerly awaiting Beyond Addiction.