Syphon's Song (Mayflower Mages, Book 1) - Anise Rae
A lovely, compelling, engaging read with a wonderful romance.

I loved the alternate history setup and the intricate world-building of the mage republic. The different powers and spells, as well as the politics of the world captivated me and pulled me right into the story. I could tell that the author thoroughly enjoyed building this world -- it shone through every word and description.

Bronte is a likable heroine who lives with a secret power that might just be her death warrant if it is revealed. She constantly has to juggle her striving for freedom and independence with being outclassed in terms of power by those around her, and that conflict is also present in her budding relationship with Vincent.

Ah, Vincent. Yummy. One of those heroes that make me swoon-sigh. Tall, dark and intensely compelling, he's just bossy enough to push some buttons but makes up for it with his unconditional willingness to take care of the heroine. I love a hero who wants the heroine from the get-go, and is not afraid to go to some (sometimes questionable) lengths to make her his.

I'm already itching for the next book in this series.