Summer Is for Lovers - Jennifer McQuiston
Jennifer McQuiston has come to be one of my feel-good-authors. Her books just leave me with that nice, swoony, uplifting feeling that makes me smile and sigh.

Having read and enjoyed What Happens In Scotland (which is a hilarious version of "Hangover" in Historical Romance terms), I knew I was in for a treat with the sequel, and Ms. McQuiston did not disappoint. If anything, I enjoyed this book even more than the first one.

I wasn't completely taken with the first appearance of this book's hero, David Cameron, in the What Happens In Scotland, but he absolutely and quickly won me over in Summer Is For Lovers.

I rooted for the heroine, Caroline Tolbertson, right away, and I cheered for the two to get together, and when they did, it was a thing of beauty. I rarely cry when I read books, but a scene toward the end had my eyes tearing up -- with happiness.

I'll definitely keep Ms. McQuiston on my radar for when I am in the mood for a good historical.