Faefever - Karen Marie Moning
Finished this last night before I went to sleep. Big mistake. Needless to say, I lay awake for hours, and the gist of what went through my head in endlessly repeating circles was "Ohmygodholyshitfuckinabucket." Or something like that.

I'm still reeling from the cruel ending, and right now I'm desperately jonesing for my next Fever fix, because that's what this series is - addictive like crack. There's a reason I have a shelf with that name. Something about these books, the writing, the dark world, the enigmatic characters (*cough* BARRONS *cough*) just draws you in, swallows you with a long, quiet slurp, and then never quite lets you go, even when it spits you out again at the end (with a mean cliffhanger, to boot!), and you sit there dripping with Fever, feeling dark and hungry for more.

I gave this five stars even though I felt it was a teensy bit weaker than Bloodfever, because overall it still had enough parts that gripped me, that were intense and fascinating, and at times I smiled and grinned, and bounced in my chair, and I might even have cackled at one point.

BUT, there was definitely not enough BARRONS in this book. Or rather, Mac and Barrons. I wanted more interaction, more bantering like in Bloodfever, more teasing glimpses of what could be, more ... just MORE. This is really the cruelest part of this series. KMM has a way of dangling the potential of Barrons in front of me, making me yearn for something more. She makes me hope along with Mac, only to crush and burn that hope and then stomp on it. Cruel. It's almost painful to just want that badly.

And speaking of Barrons, I have a hunch about his mysterious backstory. Those pages that Dani took pics of and gave to Mac, that account of this boy/man who got seduced and then enslaved by a Fae princess, held in Faery and then somehow escaped after hundreds of (human) years - I think that was Barrons. I think this is what made him, what shaped him, the reason he hates Fae and can speak of things like breaking and rape and surviving at all costs, and of losing things you loved. I just don't know how he became immortal and gained all those super powers yet... No clue about that. *grrrrr*

Favorite scene: MacHalo. 'nuff said.