Firelight - Kristen Callihan
I think I found a new favorite author. I loved, loved, loved this book. It's been a while since I read a book that really pulled me in (the most recent ones were meh-okay kind of books), but this one swept me off my feet and into the story right from the start.

What impressed me right away was the writing style. Smart, evocative, tight and engaging, it was a joy to read. Couple that with intriguing, well-fleshed out characters, a rich backstory, and emotion pumped into every page, and Kristen Callihan is almost up to par with my all time favorite author Nalini Singh.

And, oh, the characters. Especially one certain Lord Archer... I mean, the guy wears a mask. A freaking mask. He's a dream cross between the Beast from my favorite childhood movie and the Phantom from the musical that kept me hot'n'bothered as an adult. A romance with that kind of hero? Hells to the yes.

Another sign of a great book for me is when the feel I get for the characters and the story bleed into my real life and I find myself randomly musing about them and their world even when not reading. It was like this with Firelight. At the end I even procrastinated reading because I didn't want to finish the book - I wanted to stay in this world and with the characters.

I'll absolutely pick up the next book in the series, and anything else Ms. Callihan decides to put out there, as she's become an auto-buy for me with this book alone.