Bonds of Need - Lynda Aicher
Hmmm, yes, Lynda Aicher is officially one of my feel-good authors now. She has a way of writing her characters and the world they live in, that just leaves me with a generally positive feeling while reading, even if there is darkness and evil and problems galore. In the end, I finish her stories with a big smile on my face and a sigh on my lips.

What I also love about her writing: It's not predictable or cliché. There were a couple of situations in the story that could have easily veered into cheesy drama and I was thinking "Oh please, don't go down that road!" - and thankfully, Ms. Aicher didn't. :) Once again, as happened in the first book of the series, the characters surprised me with an unexpected maturity that was just ... like a breath of fresh air in the often overly dramatized world of fiction.

I am definitely watching this author and am looking forward to new releases in the Wicked Play series.