Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 5) - J.R. Ward
These books really are addictive. And not in the happy-go-lucky, I-enjoy-the-hell-out-of-this-with-no-regrets kind of way. There is a lot of darkness in these stories, mostly in the characters themselves, and it's a bit like watching a train wreck in-the-making - you sit there and see what's happening in front of you, and you know it's going to be gut-wrenchingly bad, still you can't look away and neither can you do shit about it.

There are a lot of things that bug me about the writing, but I'm always compelled to read on because I'm so invested in those characters and I have to find out what will happen to them. There might be a bit of self-inflicted torture here... Erm, yeah, anyway.

What I liked in this book:
- Jane. I loved her sass, her snappy comebacks and the way she talked to V and the other big guys, how she stood her ground and had some real spine. The bantering in the beginning had me laughing a couple of times. ^^
- V's relationship to Jane. I didn't really care about V at first, but I came to like him a lot, and I loved how he was with Jane. I think they are a perfect match for each other, since she doesn't take any crap from him and yet accepts him the way he his.
- V's talks with Butch. That really floored me, how they were able to talk so openly about everything. It could have all been incredibly awkward or unnecessarily overdramatic, but it was neither, and thank God for that.
- Butch. Can't believe how much I've come to adore that character, considering how much I disliked him when he was first introduced. Now he's my favorite of the Brothers, right next to
- Z. *sighs* Any scene with Z is a good scene. Even if he just jumps into the kitchen to get some stuff from the fridge, all flustered because he's late for teaching. *swoons* And the way he takes care of John... Melts my heart.
- The fact that we did not get ONE SCENE from a lesser's POV. HALLELUJAH! That just totally made the book for me.

What I didn't like:
- Phury's continuing depression. He did begin to turn around a bit towards the end, but, seriously, watching him slide down that hill of self-destruction annoyed the hell out of me. Reading his POV always makes me want to overdose on rainbows and unicorns and fluffy feel-good-books, it is THAT depressing.
- The flashbacks. I just don't like lengthy flashbacks. Found it annoying in Z's book as well. I like the trips down memory lane to be worked into the story more smoothly than that.
- The ending. A lot of readers seem to be disappointed/freaked out by the solution, and I am one of them. I feel like Jane and V got cheated out of the HEA they really deserved. Sure, they're still together (in a way...), but the idea of Jane being a ghost just totally creeped me out. Just the thought of V having sex with ... well, basically just an apparition - no. Just ... no.. Honestly, it leaves a bad taste, and when I think of them, I don't go "Awwww, the happy couple!" as I do with the others, instead I feel sad for them both. :(
- The name dropping. No words for that ridiculous mentioning of brands all over the place.
- The fact that all the males kind of talk the same. Even Manuel Manello, the chief of surgery at the hospital, uses phrases like "I'm going to food up." Seriously? The chairman of the department of surgery, a professional, sophisticated, middle-aged man in a position of importance talks like that? Please.

Will I read more of this series? Of course. Love me a good train wreck. :)